Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dancing In Your Eyes

It's been two weeks since our Cloudberry-sponsored club night, so I thought I should say that everything went well and photos and playlists have been up on MySpace for a while if you haven't checked them out yet. I've been waiting to post about it as the last of the three clubs where the Nothing Matters When We're Dancing EP is given away happens today. (Spiral Scratch in London opened its doors about... five minutes ago.) As all the copies should be gone by the time I'm finished writing I thought I should give something back to everyone who supports and loves Cloudberry but didn't get a chance to get their mits on one! And many thanks to Roque for doing what he does.

The ep features Komon, The Jealous Sea, Soda Fountain Rag, Sunny Summer Day and The Pristines with cover art by Katy Bottlerocket. My favourite track is "Moving Targets" from Americans The Jealous Sea. They also impressed me with their ep "(I Won't) Hold My Breath", with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg on the sleeve! Hear more on MySpace, and check out Dale's interview on Chelsea Guitar. Oh, and "Moving Targets" is here.

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