Tuesday, October 30, 2007

House Warming

The Beach House gig was great, by the way. Their self-titled album is old news I guess since it originally came out last year (but didn't get a proper release until this year). But I'll post my favourite track from it here, in hope that they'll get a few more in the crowd for their upcoming UK dates. Anyone in the UK can look forward to seeing them live in a few weeks (unless you're in Devon or some other far removed corner of the empire), on their first European tour. Their set in Malmö was very impressive with lots of new songs. It could have been quite magical if there had been more people, giving it a better atmosphere. But it was a Tuesday night after all, and I guess most of the people who did turn up probably wanted to see the main act (yes, Beach House were just supporting). They were called Arbouretum and were from the same city in the US. They were compared to Crazy Horse on the venue's site, which didn't give me high expectations if you know what I mean. Their first song was interesting - an experimental and long instrumtal number. After that the only thing that kept me from walkng out (which would have been too rude in that sparse crowd anyway) was their two amazingly talented guitarists. Such a waste of skills! They're doing the whole tour together, so you'll get your dose of each. It's definitely worth it for Beach House and their Mazzy Star/Galaxie 500-scented wisps of fog.


brogues said...

After missing The Clientele due to my foolishness I'd best get a ticket real soon so that I don't miss out on the many treats of Beach House in Glasgow on November, 13th.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the Beach House album again to my attention.
I had somehow forgotten about it ... it is quite lovely in a Mazzy Star kind of way. Very addictive ...

Bart (Belgium)