Sunday, October 21, 2007

Safety In Crosswords

It seems I've been complaining about the lack of good gigs in Malmö, but recently there have been quite a few things happening. First of all there was the Language of Flowers gig, which came quite unexectedly. They played in Lund last year, but have pretty much split up and two of them have a new band whose name eludes me at the moment. But the temptation to play in Lund again was too strong. So they came back! And what a show it was, despite what Marc likes to think. Ben said it was their last gig, but that was apparently something they hadn't discussed before going on stage. "Botanic Gardens" for the encore couldn't have been more perfect. Indigo was more crowded and the smiles broader than most of the times I've been there.

Blekingska continued the streak of great bookings with Friday Bridge, whom I had never seen before. Their album Intricacy is great and it was interesting to hear the songs live, although they didn't bring that much new to them.

Then Jonathan Richman turned up at KB! Half an hour late, but that was just lucky as we thought doors would open 8 pm, when it was in fact 7 pm. I was very pleased to get another chance to see him, as I never went a year ago in Glasgow. There's not much to say except that it was one of the best gigs I've seen. I'd seen the live dvd of course, so I had high expectations. But they were definitely met! "Older Girl" - how good a song is that?

Back to Blekingska to see our Indietracks friends Strange Idols. Me and Rebecca were supposed to be playing records, but Rebecca lost her cd case on way there. The horror! Ok, half of it was cdrs, but half were REAL cds, her favourites - stolen! Needless to say that ruined the night. I played on my own, but it wasn't much fun - the playlist is in the comments (last song by The School of course). Strange Idols were good though, and nice people. Laura's performance was a not quite as outrageous as at Indietracks, but it was probably checked by the row of drunk, male students standing up front.

Just the day after Club 8 played. They were a lot of people on stage (not two!) and had a really good female lead guitarist I'd never seen before. They played many new songs, including my favourite from the new album - "Football Kids". They had time for a few old ones too though, the most welcome choice being "Everlasting Love" which Karolina introduced as a 'youth song' for them. She doesn't look as old as she is, trust me. The thing that really struck me during the gig was the intensity of Karolina's presence. As her vocals sound so cool and distanced I was expecting a slightly timid personality. But her singing was really passionate, in a twee sort of way of course. She's quite the Sarah Cracknell.

On Tuesday American dreampop duo Beach House are playing, which I am very much looking forward to. And I'm playing records again on Thursday. At Klubb K3, Vinylbaren, if anyone can be bothered.

This post could just as well have been titled Circumspect Penelope.


The Boy and the Cloud said...

The Relict – Darling I Know
The Cat’s Miaow – I Hate Myself More Than You Do
Rocketship – Honey, I Need You
Belmondo – Sleepwatch
Helene April – Je m’ ennuie
Bratmobile – Die
Thee Headcoatees – This Heart
The Prisoners – Whenever I’m Gone
Choo Choo Train – Happy Bicycle
Laura Watling – My Fondest Wish
The Poets – I’ll Come Home
The Chocolate Watchband – In the Past
Screen Prints – Missed
Thelma Houston – Baby Mine
The Thanes – Never Make Me Blue
The Poppyheads – Changes Yesterday
The Mayfields – Deeper Than the Ocean
Snowbirds – Rainy Day Boy
Dani – Je travaille autant qu’un garcon
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Fucking Right!
The Saturday People – Lullaby In the Rain
Richard & the Young Lions – Open Up Your Door
The Masters Apprentices – War Or Hands of Time
Praline – C’est comme’ je vous i’dis
Gigi & the Charmaines – Guilty
Slow Club – Because We’re Dead
Saturday Looks Good to Me – Hiding
Velocette – Bitterscene
Amanda Humphrey – Power of Love
The Squires – Go Ahead
The Emeralds – Wanna Make Him Mine
Tullycraft – Georgette Plays a Goth
Soda Fountain Rag – Extra Life
The Primitives – Secrets
The Darling Buds – Shame On You
Lung Leg – Lust For Leg
Hefner – Love Will Destroy Us In the End
Astronaut – Just Can’t Take It
Comet Gain – Another Girl
Math & Physics Club – You’re So Good to Me
Belle & Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone
The Magnetic Fields – When You Were My Baby
They Go Boom!! – Somewhere In England
Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
Twinkle – A Lonely Singing Doll
The Autumn Leaves – The Ballad of Plum Tucker
The Byrds – You Won’t Have to Cry
The Loves – I My She Loves You
Go Sailor – Fine Day For Sailing
Brittle Stars – Instrumental
Danielle Denin – Quand tu m’embrasses
The Litter – A Legal Matter
Me & Dem Guys – Come On Little Sweetheart
The Orlons – Spinning Top
Cub – New York City
The Parallelograms – Papageno
The Vipers – Cheated and Lied
Tina Britt – The Real Thing
Nicole Paquin – Allons dans les bois
The Monochrome Set – Espresso
The Candees – I Don’t Want to Be a Grown-Up
Bob – Convenience
Razorcuts – Across the Meadow
The Young Brothers – What’s Your Game
The Vaselines – Son of a Gun
Linda Elliot – Fell In Love With You Baby
The School – All I Wanna Do

Leonard said...

Nothing really to do with this post, except that Honeymoon Diary was once compared to Look Blue Go Purple, and that Honeymoon Diary evolved from Bella Vista, and that I finally have a few unreleased Bella Vista tracks to send you. But I've lost your e-mail address, so contact me at dumbmagician at gmail and they're yours.