Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lynch Matinée

Don't misunderstand the title - we love Jimmy! In fact this is Matinée's 10th anniversary, so in the onslaught of new fabulous indiepop records don't miss out on their new batch of releases. Our friends from Glasgow, The Hermit Crabs, have finally completed their brilliant debut album Saw You Dancing. If you've heard any of their previous output you know this is an essential pop album! Jimmy, being the nice bloke he is, lets you download the instant hit "Friends Folk Festival". I've only heard this live before and the recording definitely adds a lot to it in arrangement and production. Also availble is the first offering from Math and Physics Club since their first album. Hearing "Baby I'm Yours" brings back pictures of listening to their two previous eps on the bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and that's an excellent effect if you ask me. I can't wait to buy these along with the Lucksmiths compilation Spring a Leak, the anniversary release The Matinée Hit Parade and forthcoming eps from Danish Northern Portrait, Swedish The Electic Pop Group and Scottish Strawberry Whiplash/Baby Lemonade. It's almost become a tradition for me to place an order with Matinée around Christmas (as you have to order ten cds at a time if you're not in the US), one you should adopt too!

The Lynch connection? Well, I went to a David Lynch themed party yesterday, and also Inland Empire is in the cinemas over here now (like, half a year late!). I saw it this spring, as a matinée screening, and I still think it's the best film of the year and I'm looking forward to seeing it again at a cinema in Malmö called Spegeln ('the mirror'). This was the only decent cinema in town and scandalously closed down before the summer due to financial reasons. It's got a new owner now though and is about to open up again. A relief, since I no longer have to travel to Gothenburg to see a good film...

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brogues said...

Hey Chris,

Must be Matinee week! I just bought The Siddeleys from Apple Crumble in Tokyo. It's great so thanks for introducing me to 'em ... yr a good man :) Also bought a Pale Sunday cd from Tower in Shinjuku. Check out the Catwalk & Maria stuff on Yay! ... it sounds right up your street!

All the best, brogues