Monday, October 8, 2007

COIR 002: Harvey Williams, The Icicles, Katie Jennifer Stewart

I'm very happy to give you the news about our club bookings for next month, because they are AMAZING. If you don't believe me:

Harvey Williams is perhaps best known for being the creative force behind Another Sunny Day Рone of the most beloved acts on Bristol's long-gone Sarah Records. After dissolving the band he spent some time ornamenting the songs of labelmates The Field Mice, The Hit Parade and Blueboy with exquisite sparkles of guitar. He returned with new material in 1994 Рthe keyboard-based solo effort Rebellion. A full-length album soon followed but then things went quiet. Harvey has only played live sporadically since then, and he visited Sweden in 2000 for a gig at Emmaboda. These days there seems to be as much interest in his music as there ever was (if not more!), and not the least in Sweden. In August he played live for the first time in five years, on the initiative of Spiral Scratch in London. When he was in Malm̦ in September for a DJ-set at So Tough So Cute!, we took the chance to invite him back for a live set. On November the 22nd Harvey will take the stage at Inkonst and perform songs from the whole of his career, and according to reports, London gig-goers swooned to old favourites such as "I'm In Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist" and "You Should All Be Murdered". Come down to Don't Die On My Doorstep and sing along!

We just couldn't say no when The Icicles were looking for somewhere to play on the 22nd. We would never afford to bring an American band over ourselves, so this will be a rare and welcome exception. Since their first album A Hundred Patterns came out on Microindie in 2004 The Icicles have been one of best indiepop bands in the US and when they are compared to Heavenly it makes us a lot less confounded than when The Besties are called 'an American Talulah Gosh'. Because The Icicles makes you want to be a Rock n' Roll Girl – even if you already are a girl. And that's what we call Pop Subversion! Microindie released the new album Arrivals & Departures earlier this year and the band is out on an extensive tour, a tour that will take them to Sweden for the first time. So come along and be converted (no surgery involved).

Katie Jennifer Stewart has recently embarked on a solo career after playing in the Glasgow group Tibi Lubin for some years. Tibi Lubin were three women who played minimalist pop, taking their cues from the likes of Young Marble Giants and Marine Girls. A mainstay of the Glasgow pop scene, they are not very well-known beyond that, probably due to infrequent live action. They did receive some attention in 2004 when their debut lp I Don't See You As a Dead Girl came out on Rev-Ola. That label primarily deals with re-issues and was originally an off-shoot of Creation, directed by Joe Foster. Joe Foster is quite the indiepop legend, having worked with some of our favourite bands The Loft, Razorcuts, The June Brides etc, and he produced Tibi Lubin's album himself. A bunch of people turned up at the launch for the group's new single "Frankie Quinn" earlier this year, in blissful ignorance of the fact that it was a 'fake' comeback and actually their goodbye gig. When initially daydreaming of this club, Tibi Lubin was A Band We Just Had To Get, so we were sad to hear about their demise but also pleased that Katie has continued recording her songs - now in a more acoustic fashion that highlights her soft voice and attentive lyrics. Katie will be on her way to a gig in Hamburg organised by the Aufgeladen und Bereit label, but stops off at our doorstep on the 22nd and we are as proud of having her play for us as we would have been with Tibi Lubin!

Tickets will be released one month in advance as usual. Be there or perish!

Another Sunny Day - What's Happened? (7" 1989)
Harvey Williams - She Sleeps Around (from Rebellion 1994)

The Icicles - Rock n' Roll Girl (from A Hundred Patterns 2004)
The Icicles - La Ti Da (from Arrivals & Departures 2007)

Tibi Lubin - The Great Big Lie (from I Don't See You As a Dead Girl 2004)
Katie Jennifer Stewart hasn't released anything yet, so you'll have to make do with these.

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