Friday, October 26, 2007

More Purple

So there I was, playing records again. Didn't dare to bring anything but cdrs. It was at this club run by my department and a professor in media studies. Different teachers and students are guest djs every time. It was quite nice, and there was even ONE person I knew there. There was a heavy metal gig going on next door, so towards the end a member of The Hellacopters and an ex-member of Entombed came into the pub. I had had the honour of making the flyer, which was orange really, but this one is... well, more purple. If you don't get it go listen to Pants Yell!. And those are The Clouds, who were blue originally. My playlist was not very long so I'll just put it here. Maia played some good stuff as well (it involved a lot yé-yé = good). I was so impressed by hearing Delphine's cover of "In the Past" by The Chocolate Watchband to invite her to play at our next club!

The Milkshakes – Rhurge Beat
The Sequins – He's a Flirt
The Loves – Honey
The School – Let It Slip
Ria Bartok – Ecoute mon coeur
The Cyrkle – How Can I Leave Her
The Claim – Wait and See
The Popguns – Bye Bye Baby
Black Tambourine – Drown
The Pandoras – It Just Ain't True
The Dovers – The Third Eye
Ariane – Tu voudrai que j'oublie
The Undecided? – You’re Gonna Cry
Paul Sindab – Do Watcha Wanna Do
The Urges – Gonna Find Out
The Pretty Things – Come and See Me
The Delmonas – I Feel Like Giving In
Diane Lewis – Keep a Hold On Me
The Sorrows – Let Me In
Razorcuts – Try
Revolving Paint Dream – Sun, Sea, Sand
What Four – I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
The Fizzbombs – You Worry Me
Bomb Pops – Decal
The Siddeleys – Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Night
The Pastels – Crawl Babies
Majestic – Tumbling

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