Friday, October 26, 2007

Early Longings/New Belongings

Pre-ordering is what it's all about these days! Why wait, when you know you want that record? At the moment you can pre-order Slow Club's new single "You and Me" and soon also the amazing third album from Pants Yell! called Alison Statton, with all probability in honour of certain marble giants. And there's a song on it called "The Royal We"! I know you're all over the Soft Abuse site, just waitng for that pre-order button to appear... I pre-ordered The Cake retrospective on Rev-Ola months ago, but still haven't got it. That only proves you can never be too early. Today I got a cd from Toomas in The Bridal Shop, which made me very happy. In the sudden overflow of must-buys I somehow missed that their ep From Seas is finally available. I've been listening to the few songs I had for a year soon, so it's most welcome. I put up the title-track on my old blog, and it turned out to one of the most popular uploads I did. And now there's even a 3" on Cloudberry that you can get dirt cheap. So listen to "Marine Thing" over there, "Spectrum of Clarity" here, and you'll end up having ordered both before you know it!

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