Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is It a Dream?

Club 8 certainly are full of surprises! First of all their return with download single "Whatever You Want" this summer was a surprise - four years after the latest album. Then a whole new lp! And with a surprisingly well chosen title, from a rare TVPs track (that I used for a radio programme this spring, incidentally). And next thing you know this exceptionally shy duo are on tour! (I can't recall the last time they played around here...) I find out they're playing in Malmö. And then find out they are only the support band! I download the album and am amazed at how great it sounds. It might even be their best album, but I have to listen to Nouvelle again before I can decide. It's easily one of the best five albums of the year so far! I'm giving you a song here, but only so you'll understand you won't wake up tomorrow* if you don't buy it NOW. I'm definitely going to buy it at the gig tonight. Beacuse I've got stuff to do tomorrow...

*You might end up in an unconcious state, with Saturday Night Engine forever playing on repeat on "Between Waking and Sleeping", never going on to "This Is the Morning". No one likes a song that much.

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