Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tell Me My World Is Pink, Not Blue

STOP! Don't read any further. Not until you've bought this beautiful artifact - the first ever single by The School. You can download "All I Wanna Do" from Elefant and both sides are playing on their MySpace.

This was meant to come out on Valentine's Day originally and that's why it's pink I guess (perhaps with "Valentine" on the a-side?). Hmm... didn't The Pipettes do a pink 7"? Who cares, it wasn't this good-looking and I'm even more obsessed with The School than I was with The Pipettes three years ago! You can't believe how satisfying it is to see All I Wanna Do printed below "A SIDE" on the label centered on this pink slab of vinyl. At least not until you've bought it.

After listening to the demo so many times over it's fantastic just to hear this new recording, done in London with Ian Catt behind the controls. Liz has been talking about how he claims to do "pop - not indie" and he's really given both songs a pure, timeless production that wouldn't be intimidated placed next to the Cookies 45s in your collection. And Liz's vocals are sweeter than ever. I only wish Let It Slip would be released tomorrow and not in another couple of months...

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