Sunday, April 6, 2008

Drinking Soda To Make Music to Drink Soda to

The last thing we need right now probably is a song about autumn, but here is one anyway. Try to see it from the bright side, autumn couldn't be further away at this time of year! You might have heard "The Fall" already if you've been keeping up with Soda Fountain Rag's new tunes (as you should), that are continually uploaded to their profile on Norwegian radio's website. Even before they are released - such as this song and "Yesterday" that Skatterbrain wrote about a while ago. "Yesterday" is actually their best song so far, I think, and sounds closer to what seeing them live is like. You had an opportunity to see them in Copenhagen only yesterday (at the same venue were Amor de Dias debuted last month!), and they visited London for the first time recently too. That's farther than April Skies would have got them (the band Ragnhild and Anders were in before)!

The band's latest release is also their first proper cd longplayer: It's Rag Time on Irish label Yesboyicecream - the previous ones have all been cdrs. There are a few new songs on it which makes it worth buying, but as I said this song is not on it.

CLOUD 49 Soda Fountain Rag - The Fall

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brogues said...

Brilliant title! You've inspired me to listen to some Spacemen 3 before bed ... good chap.