Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Piano Overhead

You've almost forgotten about Keith Girdler, haven't you? At least I had. It's almost a year since his tragic passing now. Recently I heard an old song by his first band, Feverfew, and as it's the best one I've heard from them I thought I should share it with you. It's from an old compilation tape from 1990 called Mind the Gap. Because we all love Keith.

Because I need your love, even in the next world


emma said...

oh you just can't forget, you just can't.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Emma !
I'd just been thinking about Keith yesterday.
I get really sad knowing we will never hear a new song from him ...
The voice of an angel !


Kat said...

how can we ever forget Keith??

Soft Evening Brilliant Morning - Country Music (Songs for Keith Girdler) will come out shortly. The compilation was put together by Richard Preece (Lovejoy) with love and admiration for Keith Blueboy, to raise money for the Martletts Hospice in Hove who looked after Keith so well.

Some of the other bands on the comp include: The Wake, Club 8, Pete Fijalkowski, The Clinetele, The Orchids, The
Times, Biff Bang Pow, & St Christopher.

now if that doesnt sound delicious i dont know what does. tbs have put their song up on myspace to listen to.