Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meat Lemonade

Friday was double fun as we had both The Orchids visiting Lund and Meat Whiplash's old Peel session on BBC6. Marc Riley's got a 'Peel By Request' feature on his Brain Surgery show, so I wrote in to request the 1985 session for which they recorded four tunes that never got released. The session was on the old Perfumed Garden blog, but the sound quality was very, very bad. So Riley played them all except for "Eat Me to the Core" (he didn't have enough time play all of them) and deserves a pat on the back for being perhaps the first Brit to pronounce my name correctly, and for doing some background research on the band. E.g. I didn't know they were supporting JAMC on their now legendary gig-turned-riot! You can listen to the show on the BBC iPlayer until next Friday. I recorded the songs from the stream, but if anyone managed to actually record it from radio please let me know.

The Orchids played to the, now usual, sparse crowd of drunk students at the Indigo student night in Lund. Two people in the crowd revealed completely new ways of listening to gentle Sarah pop! "So you wanted to dance, make a fool of yourself" indeed. The set was a bit more rocking than what I remember from seeing them before, or maybe it was just a bad influence from the people who thought they were watching Guns 'n' Roses! Still very touching though. But the encore felt slightly misplaced as the people cheering them back on had heard neither "Apologies" or "I've Got a Habit". Anyway, they did play both of them but the former didn't sound half as divine as at Indietracks and the latter was barely recogniseable.

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