Monday, April 21, 2008

Indelible Inedibles

Have you got it yet? Wake the President more than make up for the dodgy-looking covers of their first two singles with the new split-single! Well, it's really Aufgeladen und Bereit's sleeve design that does it. Backed with fellow Glaswegians The Kingfishers' take on Godard's "Make Me Sad", "You Can't Change That Boy" raises the bar for the band's studio accomplishments. Now produced by Paul Savage (The Delgados), they're closer to reaching their true potential than ever. They CAN sound even better though, so it'll be interesting to hear how the upcoming full-length turns out!


Dieta said...

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Alistair Fitchett said...

That Wake The President track is lovely indeed. Reminds me of Felt circa Forever Breathes The Lonely Word. The Kingfishers are horrid though. I could not play this version of 'Make Me Sad' all the way through, it was way too painful. Maybe just because the original is so important to me or whatever... not the finest recording to come out of Stow College by any means.