Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Be Small

After Slumberland posted that fabulous unreleased Honeymoon Diary song on their blog, I have to let you hear their only released recording, as far as I know. It's called "Drive" and is from a compilation on Kittridge called Homemade Hits, Vol. 1 (the same comp that has the Honeybunch track I mention below). Honeymoon Diary was originally started by Jennifer and Leonard after Bella Vista split. The name is appropriate as they later got married! If "Baby" sounds like Bella Vista covering The Carousel while paying tribute to Black Tambourine, "Drive" has the more typical Bella Vista sound and is even clocks in at just over average Bella Vista song-length (about 60 seconds). I hope all this attention is enough encouragement to get some more songs out there!

CLOUD 51 Honeymoon Diary - Drive


jb said...

I have fond memories of playing alongside Honeymoon Diary at a party in 1999 (I still have a tape with all our performances on it). I always loved their name, which while terribly sweet also hinted at something ambivalent or secret (what would you write in your honeymoon diary - things you didn't want your new spouse to read?).

If I'm not mistaken, the pair were married in summer 2002, so I don't think the band name is an extension of that event as you suggest, but a distant premonition of it.

jb said...

... the track is nice: thanks for sharing it! I especially like the distant bell-like lead guitar, and indeed the drum pattern.

jenny said...

Thanks Kris and Joe for the kind words. I remember the pop 'n pierogies party well, especially the Pines' fantastic Fantastic Something cover. I wish the choice of the honeymoon diary moniker was as insightful as Joe's interpretation, but it really was just a pulp novel we had laying around the house. As my husband pointed out recently, the pull quote on the back is, "They both were losers..." Too apt, too apt. I need to put down the knitting needles and pick up a guitar pick, learn some more chords even. Thanks again.

The Boy and the Cloud said...

you'll need the pick, but not more chords!

i suppose you have that gig on tape, but the song is still here otherwise:

i hope to hear all of it some day. and i hope you make some more music, jenny!