Friday, December 12, 2008

Turn Your Collar to the Cold and Damp

We've got time for yet another Don't Die On My Doorstep night before Christmas, wouldn't you say? For the last instalment of the year we've got a welcome visit from Jonathan who used to run You Can't Hide Your Love Forever together with Daniel here in Malmö, and has later enjoyed brief stints with Apple & Peers and L'oiseau et le chien. Should be fun. And you might regonise the faces above from the first Electric Prunes album cover.

There's so much I want to play, but there probably won't be room for much more before I leave for NZ. I've added some of the tracks I meant to play at the previous night to the sidebar player. Fittingly, they all follow a 'down under' theme. The Clean song is a previously unreleased treasure, now to be found on the accompanying cd for Yeti 6. I saw the "magazine" (at over 200 pages it's hardly a magazine) in Rough Trade and it looks great. Unfortunately I couldn't afford it. The cd that comes with it has some great covers of songs by The Clean and The Great Unwashed, which was a post-Clean group. "Can't Find Water" is one of their best ones, I think. It's on the Flying Nun released Collection.