Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stranger In a Strange Land

Here's The Pinefox playing at DDOMD last week! Thanks to Anna for sharing the video, and to the other Anna for the backing vocals. This was the last song he played and since it was "She Don't Care About Time" by The Byrds I helped out with some 12-string rhythm guitar. Actually, he did two sets and here's the full setlist (with added notes as to which band he recorded it with).

Lemon Ice In the Frost
Her Last Polo (The Arc Lamps)
Milk Bar (The Pines)
Forget-Me-Nots (The Pines)
I Loved You Once
I Can Help You Pack
Do You Have to Stop Writing to Start Living?
The Rest (The Pines)

Caramel In the Snowflakes
Chocolate Snow
Good Friday (The Arc Lamps)
Anita O'Day (The Pines)
Day Star (The Foxgloves)
I See Stars (The Pines)
Second Hand
She Don't Care About Time

Some photos are to be found on
Myspace, along with mine and Karin's playlists. We had a pretty good turn out and Joe seemed to be pleased with everything. He stayed on in Malmö for the weekend, and what a weekend it was! On Satuday we missed The Whales of August at the cinema and so went to a second hand records and comics store, where Joe got some 60s Batman comics in Swedish and Ocean Beach by Red House Painters, and I got the first Electric Prunes lp. We then went to the art gallery for the 2008 edition of the Electrohype biennial. I then went back to the cinema to watch Les choses de la vie by Claude Sautet

In the evening I went to see Beach House (or Beach Party as Joe repeatedly called them - or The Tune-Ups which they introduced themselves as), who were back in Malmö for the second time in just over a year. And although they claimed none of us would have been there (I think only about 20-30 people came to see them at Debaser last year!), they were wrong of course. The deepened confidence of second album Devotion shone through in the live set as well and it was nothing short of brilliant. I don't think I've mentioned the album here, but it came out in February and is definitely one of the strongest releases of the year, at least if you judge that by resemblance to Mazzy Star. Jana Hunter supported them and I enjoyed that as well. Joe wasn't there so we can only guess what he would have made of it. He did come to So Tough! So Cute! afterwards though. Kajsa fram ASAAR was the guest dj and it's one of the best ST!SC!s I've witnessed. This might have had to do with the fact that they only played girlgroups from start to finish!

On Sunday we went to Pickwick, where we ran into both halves of Chocolate Barry, so it was hard to leave and so we didn't get to the beach until it was dark. There was no beach party, but at least Joe got to smell the sea... I even had time for a quiet evening with Der Himmel über Berlin.