Monday, December 22, 2008

I Give You Two Seconds to Entertain Me

Playlists from the weekend's DDOMD are up now! I've also put some new songs up for you to listen to in January. And they are:

Calamity Comes Down
Alice Clark - You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me) [45 a-side, 1966]
Wetdog - 8 Days [Enterprise Reversal LP, 2008]
The Shebrews - Motorbike Girl [Off With Their Hearts LP, 2001]
Skeeter Davis - I Can't Stay Mad At You (45 b-side, 1963]
The Tikis - Careful What You Say [45 b-side, 1966]
Tony Worsley & the Fabulous Blue Jays - How Can It Be [My Time of Day LP, 1966]

You can read a bit more about them in the Myspace blog post. On Christmas Day Daniel's invited most of his friend to play a few songs each at this:

Hopefully you won't have heard "No Time For Us" by Swedish band Broder Daniel, but hopefully you'll recognise the picture Daniel's used! I'm only playing six songs but I've taken it quite seriously for some reason, so they're meant to be like the monthly Myspace mix (representing all kinds of music played at DDOMD) and also be the best songs I've heard this year!