Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Were On-and-Off My Doorstep But Often On My Mind

Our August date for the regular Don't Die On My Doorstep club in Malmö has now definitely been set to the 29th. That means it'll be on a Friday and this breach of procedure is because we're leaving you the Saturday to go the pop alldayer at Debaser. As of yet unnamed, this will have The Deirdres on the bill and is part of their first round of gigs in Sweden! Hopefully Darren Hanlon will also be there, or I will try to arrange for him to play at DDOMD. We've seen a lot of each other the past weeks so I hope I'll be able to keep my word on this... Our guest DJ this time is Albulene, who will increase the female/male ratio to 3:2.