Friday, July 11, 2008

All My Dreams Kept Up to Date About You

Thanks to Alistair for linking to this excellent article about Hurrah! (with an interesting answer from Paul himself). It revolves around the b-side (or aa-side) to their monumental second single "Hip Hip". It's called "Flowers" and is eloquently described by Daniel, but I can't see that anyone has uploaded it? Apart from the single, it's only available on the Boxed compilation lp.

At the end of the article you'll find links to places you can download the The Sound of Philadelphia comp from as well as their Kid Jensen session (the versions of "Lonely Room" and "Saturday's Train" are the same as on the cd, it should be said). Tell God I'm Here is also worth a listen, but perhaps he didn't find this? Since I'm responsible for The Sound of Philadelphia floating about, I thought I'd set "Flowers" bobbing downstream too. Cause it's not on the compilation, strangely, and neither is "Tame". Hungry Beat's Kevin Pearce is quoted in the article, and here are his liner notes to The Sound of Philadelphia - enlarge for comfort.

CLOUD 65 Hurrah! - Flowers


Allan Kingdom said...

Brilliant, thanks!

Angus said...

Thanks for this. I've got the original single of Flowers, cos I'm really old! :-)

Hurrah live were just about the best group I've ever seen, I reckon.