Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It Doesn't Have to Be So Simple

The most promising Swedish band at the moment is Cocoanut Groove. It's been way too long since there was a band influenced by sunshine pop round these parts. Coming from the northern city of UmeƄ I guess a big dose of Roger Nichols and Curt Boettcher is essential to get through the winters. And considering that the city has previously given us bands like The Tidy Ups, Everyday Mistakes and Funday Mornings it is proof that a few more years in the cask have ripened their taste.

Remi was kind enough to give me a copy of their first single (released by his Phonic Kidnapping label) when I was last in London. "The End of Summer on Bookbinder Road" is a classic sunshine pop song and I included it in one of my summer mixes below. But it didn't quite prepare me for the brilliant set at Rip It Up this weekend, which showed us that they have a lot more than one really good single in them. The songs maintain a ridiculously high standard and I honestly can't wait for the album. It's been delayed a good deal but should be out on Swedish label Fridlyst soon. The opening cover of "Coconut Grove" was an extra treat and I'm very glad I got to see them now, because unfortunately their appearance at Indietracks this weekend has been cancelled. While you're waiting for the album and more gigs (they seem to have one in Bristol coming up) you can pick up the 7" from here, and listen to this tune that they are giving away on Myspace.

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Anonymous said...

Come on down to Big Pink Cake in Bristol on Saturday 6 September and say hello!

Playing alongside Cocoanut Grove are Pete Green and The Westfield Mining Disaster...plus spinning tunes, the Bristol legend who is DJ Rocker (Flatmates/Rosehips).
It's a great night out. Cheers!