Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey, Hate Hate

What could be more fitting after mentioning The Desert Wolves than a post about James Dean Driving Experience? Another year and still no sign of that retrospective. And I suddenly realise that there haven't been any JDDE songs on this blog, which means it doesn't qualify for Sad Pop Obscurist status. I clutch my temples in woe! Luckily, Richard comes to the rescue and courtesy of him I present you with "Lonely Hearts XI Versus the Rest of the World" a song only available on their self-released cassette that followed their flexi, thus JDDE-2. Having already ticked off Audrey Hepburn they quite naturally went for Bridgitte Bardot to adorn the cover. As will tell you, this tape was unleashed on an unknowing world in 1988 and also featured a demo version of "Drop Dead Darling" and the single version of "Dean's Eleventh Dream".

CLOUD 64 James Dean Driving Experience - Lonely Hearts XI Versus the Rest of the World


Marianthi said...

Oh brilliant! Thanks for posting this, Kris. I was listening to them again yesterday. They make my heart jump!

When you die, baby, die.

Alistair Fitchett said...

I remember this. I had this on my tape shelf for several years. No idea where it went to... no doubt much the same way as a million other things that somehow disappear in the process of moving house and general need to de-clutter lives.

Jessel said...

First time I saw this cover! Looks amazing! Thanks for the post, Kris!