Saturday, July 12, 2008

When the Moon Is At Its Rest

Johan or Fredrik asked me to do some mixes of soft, breezy sounds to play in the mornings at Rip It Up. I gladly obliged since I've mainly been making loud things lately. The titles are from "In the Morning" by the Gibb brothers, of which The Autumn Leaves' perfect version is featured on the Saturday one. This is what you'll be waking up to.


brogues said...

Oooh ... very pretty graphic design! Love the full width text at the bottom of the backs especially the way the white of the 'r' is flush with the edge of the paper. Good work, squire! The tracklistings look tops, too!

Anonymous said...

this is so good (:
i've spent the last few days looking for the clientele's version of six foot drop- is there any way you could post it or send a copy of the mp3??

The Boy and the Cloud said...

why don't you send me an email, kate?