Sunday, July 13, 2008

COIR 007: It's Easy, It's Cheap - Go to It!

The next club night is in Glasgow, cause I'm there for most of August anyway. COIR 007 is presented together with The Flying Duck and their regular Friday night club Back Tae Mine, with Gavin Dunbar from Camera Obscura as resident dj. What we've done is to bring some bands in, so it opens a few hours earlier and it will also be free to get in during this time - worth to remember. Of course I will also be playing records with a guest.

The Just Joans will be headlining and they don't need an introduction, at least not if you're from Motherwell. They've released an album and two eps so far, the latest (Hey Boy... You're Oh So Senstive!) is mentioned if you scroll down a bit, but suffice to say it's a work of genius. The band is now fronted by David and Katie, but they started out already in 2005 with slightly different members. Last Tango In Motherwell (cassette release and eventually cd-r) is a lo-fi masterpiece in class with The Moldy Peaches' only record. You can still get it, from here. If you haven't heard any of the songs you must check out "Coia's Empty" below! Chris who's selling the cd also recorded The Just Joans as part of his Last Night From Glasgow series in 2006: bands played seven songs in his flat and they were then posted on YouTube over a week. I've collected all the links for you here. Great stuff!

Friday Afternoons
Lookin Like Rain
East Kilbride

I Hear You're the Man Now, John
Coia's Empty
Back to Highschool
Five Beer Bottles

The Catalysts is mostly Glasgow-based Ulric Kennedy, but hopefully he'll get a full band together for the night. The first band he was in was powerpop legends The Mixers (featured on Dan Treacy's All For Art and Art For All compilation). In 1985 he formed the The Catalysts with Dannie from The Mixers, but soon got involved with The Golden Dawn instead. That band (not 60s garage greats 'Golden Dawn') released two singles on Sarah Records and Ulric recorded his own demos for the label, but they weren't released until 2003 when German label Felicité put them on a 7". The brilliant, new ep Autumn Everywhere came out recently on Cloudberry. "Let's Build a Dyson Sphere" by The Golden Dawn is in the player here now. A dyson sphere seems like an interesting thing, check it out here. A Catalysts tune's coming up soon as well.

CLOUD 66 The Just Joans - Coia's Empty