Saturday, March 15, 2008

You Ain't Been Nowhere 'til You've Been In

This is the new flyer I made for Klubb K3 - the poster looks different but I won't bother you with it. Sitting on the ledge is Britain's very own Gillian Hills. Born in Cairo and most well-known as a yé-ýe singer. She first became famous after the hastily banned film Beat Girl and appeared in several others after that, perhaps most notably Antonioni's Blow Up. She recorded a heap of material in French and eventually became more popular across the English channel. None of it matched the unbelievable quality of her sole English single though: "Tomorow Is Another Day" with "Look At Them" on the b-side.

Yesterday I went to Lund to participate in the Tandem Pop radio show on student radio station Radio AF. I was one of the presenters 2004-2006, ie before I went to Glasgow. I don't intend to continue broadcasting cause I don't have the time but I've managed to recruite some friends to keep it going. Kalle is the only one who remains from my day and he was actually involved a long time before me - it's quite an old show really. I heard recently that Johan Angergård (Labrador Records, Club 8, The Legends etc.) was once involved too. Anyway, it was only me, Anna and Marcus last night. We managed quite well and it was good fun trying to remember how to work the mixers and stuff - resulting in a few technical errors, but I don't suppose anyone listened anyway. That's because of their new stupid broadcasting hours: 11-12 pm. To make it more bearable they've turned it into party and down a few pints every Thursday. Well, this is what I played:

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - If You Only Knew How Hard I Try
Pocketbooks - Love Is the Stick You Throw
Wake the President - You Can't Change That Boy
The First Division - On the City
The Rainyard - Beneath the Skin
Tricycle - 54321 Here I Come

I recently helped Katja Ekman out with a little something she was writing about 'tweepunk'. A
sort of "then and now" article of which the first part is now published on Digfi. It's in Swedish so you might not be able to read it; some good band recommendations though. The second part is about contemporary bands and should be up soon. I was quite surprised actually, when she sent me some questions as I've always thought of her as part of the indiepop generation that just preceded mine and thus ought be an authority for me. I used to see her at Young Alive and In Love when I was in school and didn't dare speak to anyone!

I'll be back soon with news about an A Smile and a Ribbon tour of the UK.


brogues said...

"Tomorrow Is Another Day" is probably the best song to have appeared on any of those "Dream Babes" compilations on RPM. You ear are well calibrated, sir!

brogues said...

er ... that'll be 'your ears' ... sheesh ... and I'm the native English speaker!

Nana said...

I'll mention this to Liam of Rainyard pseudofame next time I see him. Did I see a mention of The Summer Suns somewhere on here too? Perth represent!

Anonymous said...