Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kool Vikings Always Take Cheese Home

So, last night Clare Wadd was playing records at Retro. It was a great evening with lots of people there, many of whom I knew. I was quite thrilled to hear what she was going to play, as I didn't know at all what to expect. And of course it was a pleasure and an honour to meet one of the people responsible for so much fantastic music reaching my ears, as well as her partner who was very likeable. It must have been a cool experience also for Clare, to see the response on a Swedish dance floor as Daniel played "Pristine Christine" - a song I think both she and Matt Haynes have a special relationship too. Although she played many things I didn't recognise, one of the best was "Poised Over the Pause Button" by This Poison! - definitely the fastest song played at So Tough So Cute the nights I've been there. In fact I've never heard Daniel play This Poison! at all. And I was touched to say the least by the surprise spin of Blueboy's "The Joy of Living". I just never expected to hear it at a pop disco, and it's now the most treasured moment I can recall from this club.

Actually I was playing with the thought of making a list of the best bands on Sarah before leaving home - something which quickly appeared near-impossible. I first thought of Brighter, my first contact with the Sarah catalogue. Then I thought "no, it should be St. Christopher", then "no, The Sea Urchins"... "Another Sunny Day"... "god, The Springfields!". And I was listening to The Orchids and remembered thinking they were the most talented band on Sarah Records. One thing that surprised me yesterday was my friends frowning at "Peaches" by The Orchids, not even recognising it as them. Even though it's probably their most well-known song and from Unholy Soul, one of the most accomplished indie albums of all time! Of course it's far removed from their early sound, but The Orchids were always versatile (though always retaining a certain delicacy). But let's return to Blueboy; just thinking of those records I realise that they were on a completely different level from every other act that signed with Sarah. A record like Unisex might just be the closest popular music has ever come to approaching the genius of classical composers like Debussy et al. Just those lines sung by Gemma...

Of course it's not love, but I'm not choosy
I just want to kiss you in new places
To savour the joy of living liking you

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Marianthi said...

Aw! This entry made me go all gooey. I love how you write about Sarah! And I totally agree with you about The Orchids and 'Unisex'. x