Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lips That Taste of Tears Are the Best For Kisses

The band Veronica Lake is not completely unrelated to The First Division, mentioned in the previous post, as one of Joe's other music-making partners sings on a few Veronica Lake songs. Her name is Pam Berry, and actually Chip Porter even played in her band Belmondo for a while. He also wrote the two songs that appeared on the K Records seven-inch.

The first Veronica Lake record was a single (not an ep!) on Bus Stop in 1992 called The Man Who Was Not With It EP. It was quite lo-fi and very sparse. Two more singles followed the next year, on spinART and Audrey's Diary. But apart from a bunch of tracks on compilations and split-singles that was it, sadly enough. My favourite is still "Threnody", the a-side of their last single, which ís a duet with Pam and has a lovely production. Working Holiday was an old singles club on American label Simple Machines. Twelve split-singles were released monthly in 1993 -the May instalment featuring Bratmobile (with a track later included on the album Pottymouth) and Veronica Lake's "Saints Above". It's a fantastic tune with a crazy warbling synthesizer and Pam Berry in the background. All the singles in the series was later compiled on a cd, called Working Holiday as well.

CLOUD 44 Veronica Lake - Saints Above


brogues said...

Have you heard Tim Sendra's other band Madison Electric? 'Heavy Petal' is easily one of the best thing Quiddity/Drive-In/Microindie boss Mike Babb has ever put out!

jb said...

I have some affection for 'Threnody', but actually I think I prefer 'Grey-Eyed Lie' - the minor-chord move to the bridge ('Why didn't you take my hand?') with its harmonies moves me.

Oddly I'm not sure I've ever heard 'Saints Above'.

jb said...

OK, I'm hearing it now. Only just realized it was right there on yr site.

Anonymous said...

Is this cover art from the saint's above split? What Veronica lake record is that? I just saw recently that Tim S has a new band called santa monica swim and dive club , and a new album is about to be released..

The Boy and the Cloud said...

yes it is. from the inside of the folded cover. thanks for the tip!