Friday, March 7, 2008

It Started With Squares

Tonight The Bridal Shop from Stockholm are playing at Blekingska Nationen in Lund, and everyone who has the possibility must go. As far as I know it's only their third gig or something! Still they've managed to visit London and release two amazing eps that are now both sold out. But don't worry, their first vinyl record will be out on Cloudberry in a matter of days - the "In Violation" 7". I wanted them to play at my club, and it was only a couple of months ago I found out it wasn't possible. But they're still playing in Lund, which isn't far away anyway - at least not geographically, mentally is a different matter.

Anyone who likes POP! (in the form of punk and northern soul that is) should check out the brand new I Smiled Yesterday podcast on Slumberland's site. I Smiled Yesterday is David and Andrew and they're keen on hearing your comments about their mix on Myspace. I've listened to it twice already and I can't wait for #2!

It would seem Foxyboy have finally got round to shipping out some more records (maybe Ara's moved back from Sweden?) - checking Poppolar's site there are lots of Foxyboy releases back in stock. Including The Foxgloves' Lives You Didn't Lead EP, which was impossible to find ANYWHERE when I was (desperately) searching for a copy! I just ordered the first (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope ep and a Saturday People ep I didn't even know existed.

Another bunch of records turned up today. The one I was most eager to throw on the turntable was of course the new Atomic Beat 7": a split-single between The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and The Parallelograms - it doesn't get any cooler than that. The Pains just completed a tour of England and Iceland that I'm devastated I missed out on, and their side (called "Kurt Cobain's Cardigan") is surely the start of a very POBPAH year! Another classic pop song. I should probably feel more lucky about having caught The Parallograms live TWICE, but now it just seems like an integral part of my life. Where would have I been now, if I hadn't seen them? Probably in a sadder state anyhow. "1,2,3, Go!" and "Pop the Bubbles" are in fact the first two of their songs to see release and the wait has indeed been long! I've been pestering them about sending me demos since Indietracks... Apparently they've re-recorded things more than once, and "1,2,3, Go!" does sound a lot different than the demo I was given last year. The biggest change is probably the use of fuzz bass that gives it a chunkier sound, and ultimately erases the similarity in sound to their mentors The Rosehips. I like the new sound, but it's not necessarily an improvement. With this band it's not the sound but the melodies and the attitude that will reduce you to a dummy-sucking toddler. Fuzz guitars that leave your brain blanker than Cobain's and ba-ba-bas so catchy they could have been your first words. "Pop the Bubbles" is my natural favourite as it's new to me and I can play it on repeat at least another fifteen times. Sheffield doesn't deserve The Parallelograms! Give them to me, I promise to take good care of them.