Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hairstyle That Looked Like a Hat

Every respectable catalogue numbering system needs to have something special at #45, especially record labels - Matinée are examplary here. So here's a mixtape I just made for Jessel Baltazar's series What's On YOUR Tape. He's been making mixes on his own for quite a while but only just started inviting friends to do tapes as well. Number 002, called Untitled Monday, is up and running here now, compiled by Ryan Marquez of Apple Orchard, Sodajerk, The Haircuts etc. It's great!

Mine's called Get That Haircut Off Your Head! and as I'm used to simply making mixes from mp3s on my computer these days, I decided to go back to my records and pick the ones I'm most proud of owning. The reason is also that Jessel asked me to take a photograph of all the records the songs are from, so I basically had to! For the nosy types, it would be interesting to double-check this with the list of my 60 favourite songs on my old blog, to find out how many of those I actually own... This compilation comes with a full rundown of all the songs and why I chose them, I'll let you know when that's up at Jessel's.

CLOUD 45 V/A - Get That Haircut Off Your Head!

My writings about the songs are now up here, along with a picture of all the records I used. You can also listen to the tape on Jessel's main profile page, but the song order is randomised there, so you won't hear the songs in the correct order.