Saturday, March 1, 2008

COIR 005 or Postcard From Paradise

This Postcard-inspired poster is for the next club night, when my friend David Brogan is coming over to play records. In fact, everything about it will be quite Scottish. We're going to have Gregory's Girl flickering on the wall and hopefully some drinks and nibbles brought over by express courier (ie hand-cuffed to David's wrist)! And except for the usual classy mix of not-so-classy sounds, there'll be an excess of bands from the North like The Orchids, The Pastels, The Royal We, The Beatstalkers, The Thanes, Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes and maybe even Primal Scream if Ben turns up. He's playing later the same night at Retro and Daniel's So Tough! So Cute! club. Me and David's going there afterwards, so you should come along - don't worry, it's within crawling distance. Just pretend you've got some knife-wielding Glasgow ned at your heels and you'll be there in no-time.

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