Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to The School!

It feels very fitting that Elefant releases a Happy New Year ep that features The School - because this is of course the year that The School will get HUGE! It's a big thing in my world as "Kiss You In the Snow" is the first ever released song from the band, and should be followed by the Let It Slip 7" soon. Apart from the School's song (which you can download on MySpace), the ep has contributions from Helen Love and two other bands.

Very, very soon The School will also be making their first couple of appearances in Sweden, yay! We'd been trying arrange a grand mini tour together with A Smile and a Ribbon, but it didn't happen and hard as I tried I couldn't get them a gig in Malmö. Which means you'll have to pack your bags and go to Stockholm on the 18th or Gothenburg the 19th. I would recommend the latter, where they are playing at On Our Honeymoon (with A Smile and a Ribbon, actually!). We've got a couple of new songs, so I promise we wont't bore you, should you look in.

In other record-related news, anyone who missed out on Horowitz's amazing Cloudberry single last year can now get "Tracyanne" on a 7" with "Popkids of the World Unite!" on the flip - two of last year's best pop songs if you ask me! The heavy vinyl is transparent yellow and sounds even better than the digital thing. They also have a recent split-single on Filthy Little Angels with two new songs.

Did you forget to vote for The School and Horowitz (or something you perhaps even liked) in the TweeNet poll? Or didn't you vote at all? I shake my finger at you! Well, the results are now up and as always I rub my hands in glee to check out who voted for their own bands/labels/stuff! Nice to see California Snow Story high in the charts. And my humble thanks to the six people who voted for my blogs (I know who you are!). Hope I this thing lives up to your expectations in 2008...

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Roque said...

Yeah Chris, it's always funny to see how many vote for themselves... jeez, where are their ethics? haha :)