Monday, January 14, 2008

Nowhere to Die

God, the year's barely started and I've already heard some of the best music ever. I've got several tracks to post so I best get started with the first one! The Chemistry Set - not the new band - was a paisley shirt clad English group from the mid-to-late 80s. I've got their only record, a Spanish-released minialbum called Wake Up Sometime! and the songs released on flexis at the time, but apart from that this is the classic story of a band with first rate material that held out too long for the ideal record deal (Tales of Jenny take heed!). An album's worth of their best material was never released! What was to be Sounds Like Painting, recorded in 1989 with suggested artwork above, has now turned up on the internet. I came across it at the resourceful Lost In Tyme blog, but it first appeared at a forum called It's Psych. Apparently, it comes from a rough mix direct off of the master tapes!

The album is every bit as good as rumour has it, and I would recommend this to ANYONE in love with 80s indiepop, jangle, mod revival and 60s garage-psych. The song here is one of my favourites so far, and if you like it you can get the whole thing there. It's a big moment for past and new Chemistry Set fans so if you're one of them, spread the word!

CLOUD 32 The Chemistry Set - The Dreams That I Saw Yesterday

(By the way, I've checked, and all the old uploads are now working again...)


Dave Mclean said...

Glad you liked it.

I posted this on It's Psych originally as i thought it was time that people got a chance to hear it.

The version that i posted is a "rough-mix". There is also a finished mix that sounds a bit different (a few more production tricks, backward echos/cymbals etc)

We also have the mater tapes to re-mix if anyone was interested.

Just trying to convince a record label to issue a retrospective!

Look out for more stuff to come.

Spread the word.

P.S. We used to have lots of friends in Sweden. Good people!!

Jorge said...

I think the link is down

Here is an active link @ 15th Jan

Finn said...

Been looking out for a download of "Wake up sometime" without finding any for a while now... any help? Would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the Acid Tapes set again - Lost mine years ago.

Great Band

Deserved success

And should have a decent reto release put out!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sadly above link to to Wake Up Sometime gives file not found ;-(

Anyone got the Acid Tapes set??