Monday, January 7, 2008

For Girls Whose Favourite Thing Is Snow

What better way is there to start the year than with a song by Moscow Olympics? The Still 7" was finally released by Gothenburg's devoted pop purveyors Fraction Discs, just before Christmas. And what a present to this Pop World it is! My copy arrived this afternoon and I'm giving it its second spin right now. The vinyl sounds incredible, perfectly mastered by Ulrika Mild of Compute. Of course the songs of Moscow Olympics have been making rounds on the internet since early summer, and I'm just one of many who have been enjoying their 'demo tape' which actually consisted of full-fledged finished pop masterpieces. Still, hearing the mastered result is a thrill paralleled by few other things! The leak has probably resulted mostly in positive things for the band anyway. I think many with me feel good that they're finally able to BUY something by this band. And I predict it will be the first Fraction release to go out of print. It's a beautiful little 7", with a classic a-side and b-side ("Talk Like This") which is not many steps behind.

Who are Moscow Olympics then? Well, they're not some snotty boys from Glasgow who can't give up the local produce of orange juice, that's for sure. Instead, they are something of an indiepop fab five from the Philippines with their past in bands like Colour Contest, Soft Pillow Kisses, Candy Audioline and Dorian of Juniper Bells. If that doesn't mean anything to you (it should, actually) then how about vocals that sound like Caesar from The Wake, guitar lines matching Bernard Sumner's and dreamy POP sounds colder than snow and sharper than the breaking ice?

To make up for listening to these songs without permission for too long, this is not a downloadable mp3 but a link to the mp3-stream at Fraction Discs' site. I hope this will help making the demand truly go through the roof!


Matt said...

best single of the year? i do think so!

Anonymous said...

That track is easily one of the best you've ever introduced me to! Just ordered mine from Fraction cos neither Rough Trade nor Norman has it yet. Can't wait for it to arrive!