Friday, January 25, 2008

Left-Handed Too

How can you not trust Afternoon Naps? And Tom is left-handed too! They sure have my vote. If there's one band I regret not mentioning more last year, it is the Naps. Sunbeamed is definitely among the best releases of 2007. They set your expectations pretty high by naming The Free Design and Felt as influences, but in fact it's an ingenious strategy because of the wide chasm that separates those two bands musically. The album (if you can even call it that with only eight songs) turned out a modern and somewhat more jangling take on sunshine pop. Think The Ballroom, as remembered by Majestic or #Poundsign#. In fact Afternoon Naps is the best American indiepop group that doesn't use fuzz guitar for a long while. In many ways it seems to come straight out of Shelflife's eary catalogue. And right there, next to the Skypark ep, is where you want to be if you're a POP record. And Sunbeamed, honey, you are!

The new ep Can't Stop the Weather is just out on Cloudberry, but I won't post anything from that as you can already grab "Clean Bill of Health" from there. Instead, here's the dancefloor filler "Orange Paw" from the album. And that, you can buy right here. Do!

CLOUD 34 Afternoon Naps - Orange Paw

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