Monday, November 19, 2007

Popgun Boys

Today it's time to acknowledge one of the great lost singles of the late 80's - "Heard About Love" by Irvine's The Big Gun. I finally got my copy on eBay! I met Keith (the singer, that's him in the middle) briefly in Glasgow - he runs a club called Spitfire - and they once shared a split-flexi with Basil Pieroni (now guitarist in Butcher Boy) who's also from Irvine. (That flexi was on eBay too a while ago - wonder who got it?) It feels good indeed to have some sort of connection to this piece of pop history! So, this single from 1987 was their only release on vinyl and the a-side is available on The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol. 2 and has been posted on several blogs. But here is the other a-side, which is brilliant as well. It's more early New Order, where the first nods toward The Cure's "Boy's Don't Cry". The best part is the last 30 seconds where the lead guitar goes into a great fuzz sound!

CLOUD 22 The Big Gun - Happens All the Time

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