Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Compose All Rock 'n' Roll

So in a few hours I'm off to this semester's second installment of Klubb K3. This time I'm not playing records, though I did make this flyer. Let's ponder I was playing. This is what I would have played in that case, a sort of fictional playlist for you to download. Perfectly suited for the weekend's pre-parties! I've called it Songs We Taught the Fuzztones, and it's split into two halves. It's kicks off with a blazing instrumental off of The Urges terrific brand new debut Psych Ward, which you can (and should) get on vinyl from Off the Hip. And don't miss Elsa Leroy's unbelievable cover of The Beau Brummell's "Just a Little". If you want to know how to get hold of any of the other tracks, just leave a comment and you will be enlightened!

The Urges - Salvaje
The Factory - Try a Little Sunshine
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - If You Want This Love
Delphine - Les prisons de sa majesté
Dana Gillespie - You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Watermelon Men - You Should Be Mine
The Motions - Who'll Save My Soul
The Bristols - I'll Be Gone
Miss Ludella Black - Love Pours Out of My Heart
Kaleidoscope - (Further Reflections) In the Room of Percussion
The Clientele - 100 Leaves

Pamela Blue - Me Friend Bobby
Glenda Collins - Been Invited to a Party
Clothilde - Saperlipopette
We the People - Look At the Girls
The Left Banke - She May Call You Up Tonight
Billy Nicholls - Girl From New York
The Basooties - You Didn't Try to Call Me
Chris Morgan & the Togas - Would You Believe (Love Is Dead)
Elsa Leroy - Mieux vaut tard que jamais
The Fallen Leaves - Choose
The Litter - I'm a Man

Songs We Taught the Fuzztones


brogues said...

Wow ... great playlist! The guitar interlude (it's not a solo because there ain't no posturing!) in 'Try A Little Sunshine' is one of the most beautfiul and souldful I've ever heard. Were you lucky enough to track down a copy of that wee 6 tracker? I've been looking for it for a while but to no avail ...

The Boy and the Cloud said...

that's them on the flyer, btw.