Monday, November 5, 2007

The Day You Saw Your Record On the Shelf

So this is goodbye - to The Royal We. The Glasgow hipsters finally release their debut album (on Geographic, of course) and split up. Their singer is moving back to the US and their album launch at Stereo (which starts in roughly three hours) has been announced as their last gig. A bit sad, but most of their members have been in other bands all along (Patrick is in Dot to Dot e g). And at least I got to see them live once! If you can get to Renfield Lane in under three hours, promise you will. You can buy the self-titled album from the Domino website, and the 7" of "All the Rage" is still available as well. Previously The Royal We have contributed a track to the Postcard tribute 7" - their version of "Poor Old Soul" by Orange Juice. At least they can say they 'made it' - which is more than most indie bands can.


brogues said...

'All The Rage' sounded just amazing at last month's Nstional Pop League! It's just a shame that I couldn't cut some rug to it as I was stuck in the world's largest bar queue at the time ... typical Woody, eh?

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that you sent me a 7" of some imaginary new Patrick band. The packaging was really great but I can't remember it now.

Hannah x