Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm In Love With a Song They Don't Know Exist

This is a rare sight these days. But two days from now, you can see this guy on stage in Malmö. Why don't you come on down and listen, we've heard he's quite good. His name is Harvey by the way. You might just not be able to forgive yourself if you don't. But we promise to think of you as we sing our throats dry to "You Should All Be Murdered". Survival is dependent on you turning up at Inkonst at 8 pm sharp on Thursday. Also playing are The Icicles - on tour with their amazing second album - and Katie from Tibi Lubin. She's on first, so that's reason enough for you to get there early. You wouldn't want to miss her first ever performance in Sweden, now would you? Tickets are a mere 90 SEK on the door, and contrary to previous government announcements we're open til 12 pm. We guarantee we will only play songs the NME have never heard about!


Ily said...

Hi there! I read about your blog in the Bottle Rocket 'zine. I liked your article about Grimsey. I've had their 'Don't Fear the Future' comp for awhile now, but maybe I'll check out that other singles comp you were talking about... :-)

FireEscape said...
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alistair said...

this is one fantastic line-up. i am so jealous, and wish i was in Malmö. if you don't get a full house for the show then quite frankly the POPpulation of your fair city is braindead and deaf. hope it's a stormer!