Saturday, September 12, 2009

You Meet What You Eat

One of the most confusing things about 60s garage is that almost every band name was used by more than one group. The Rogues is probably the worst/best example, but recently I have been listening to different Beefeaters. Perhaps most well-known is the group that was first known as The Jet Set, and after recording a Bob Dylan tune became The Byrds. They only released one single, "Please Let Me Love You" and on the flip is a less interesting recording of "Don't Be Long" (or "It Won't Be Long" as it was called on Turn! Turn! Turn!). There is also a Danish group called Beefeaters that some people will have heard of, at least in Scandinavia. But the first group of this name that I heard is a much lesser known group from Dallas. They only recorded two songs (at least as far as I know). "Don't Hurt Me" was included in the Garage Beat '66 series, and both are also on the much older Texas Punk 1966 Vol. 1 on Cicadelic. As you can read on Allmusic, they're not entirely different from early Byrds. Especially so on the 12-string-equipped "Change My Mind".

CLOUD 99 The Beefeaters - Change My Mind

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