Monday, September 21, 2009

Death By Transistor Radio

The first copy of Wildwood Lights' debut ep has made it to Sweden! You remember Wildwood Lights, right? That lovely, talented band I had the pleasure of not only meeting and seeing live in Auckland, but also arranging a gig for. We've waited eagerly for the first release and now it's here! Reports from the release party have been very favourable, especially of the new tote bags. The True Love Woes ep contains three songs, including my first favourite "Town and Country" which has subsequently made it to no. 1 on bFM's top ten. It only exists in 100 copies, handmade by the ladies themselves, so get yours now on their site!

The Gladeyes also have news songs on Myspace, from the long awaited new album. Another cause for celebration!

In other homemade record news I have been enjoying the digital version of the first Sugarplums release. They have been selling it at gigs, and I assume you can buy it directly from them! Covers vary, but at least one of them looked like what you can see above. It includes five old and new songs, full of ramshackle guitars recorded with minimal means. "Cate's Crush" is a new favourite with its pairing of Juniper's choppy guitar sound with the fizz of Henry's Dress. The melodies are everywhere, hardly concealed by the lo-fi trappings. "Plum Coloured Sky" will have to be the old favourite then, with a guitar intro that sounds like it's been nicked from the most credible of sources. I do wish they'd let the lyrics come through a bit more, which is why I'd love to hear them with newly added (from the looks of it on Myspace) singer Rachel. But this is an amazing start that could well mean that their next release will be on a label like Art Fag, Captured Tracks or HoZac.


Zippy Brautigan said...

Glad the EP got to you in one piece! I was worried I didn't stick enough tape on there haha!
Wow our songs are all the way in Sweden...incredible!

Hope you're well!

String Bean Jen said...

True Love Waits EP, huh!! :O

The Boy and the Cloud said...

hehe, freudian slip! i was listening to that recently.