Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twenty Years of Envy

I thought I'd steal a Slumberland catalogue number, as they're up to about the same numbers as here anyway. We've all enjoyed Skatterbrain's Subjective Best of Slumberland 90-95, and I wanted to compile my favourites from their whole catalogue, now that they've been around for 20 years. Some of the best stuff has come out in the last two years actually. I've stuck to no re-releases as a rule, so I've not included anything previously released on other labels - there went the Black Tambourine and 14 Iced Bears comps, the Bright Coloured Lights single and the Just a Taste Summershine retrospective! Here are my favourite Slumberland songs, presented in an order that couples bands for the old and new era, to reveal some interesting lineages.

1. Liechtenstein - All At Once (SLR 96, 2009)
2. Rocketship - I Love You Like the Way I Used to Do (SLR 40, 1996)
3. The Lodger - A Year Since Last Summer (SLR 80, 2008)
4. The Ropers - I Don't Mind (SLR 38, 1994)
5. Summer Cats - In June (SLR 101, 2009)
6. The Saturday People - Working For the Weekend (SLR 67, 2001)
7. Brown Recluse - Contour and Context (SLR 102, 2009)
8. The Clientele - Porcelain (single version) (SLR 63, 2001)
9. The Softies - Half As Much (SLR 47, 1998)
10. Glo-Worm - Change of Heart (SLR 45, 1995)
11. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Stay Alive (SLR 89, 2009)
12. Black Tambourine - Drown (DRYL 9, 1991)
13. Crystal Stilts - Love Is a Wave (SLR 91, 2009)
14. Henry's Dress - You Killed a Boy For Me (SLR 34, 1995)
15. caUSE co-MOTION! - Leave It All (SLR 93, 2009)
16. Go Sailor - The Boy Who Sailed Around the World (SLR 36, 1995)
17. Sexy Kids - Drown Me (SLR 79, 2008)
18. The Aislers Set - Been Hiding (SLR 52, 1999)
19. Boyracer - Vitamin B (SLR 48, 1996)
20. Honeybunch - Candy Breath (DRYL 5, 1991)

SLR 106 V/A - I Wish I Was Slumberland Records


String Bean Jen said...

I did love the mix that Skatterbrain put together and this one looks fabulous as well. I still need to download the software to unzip/unpack/play RAR files though. o_O

I'm fairly sure that that Clientele single is one that was recommended to me when I visited the Mod Lang record shop in 2001 (when it was still in Berkeley), deep in the throes of Belle and Sebastian love, and a staff member said 'if you like them, you'll like this too!' For some reason, I didn't buy it. Doh.

Matt said...

this is great, kris! i'm glad to hear you liked the one i did, too! i still need to do the 95-00 one!

Private somewhere said...

Andrea said...

This is great! Thank you for putting such loveliness together for us.


Something Weird said...

this is absolutely blissful! MUCHOS GRACIAS for such an awesome post!! :)

L said...

Thankyou Thankyou for all the time and effort put into this.