Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Deuce Coup

In Melbourne I was talking to Alex about making a mix for driving to. Now I've finally finished it! 21 songs about cars, driving, and roads leading everywhere. Named after the Mighty Mighty song, which they even played at Indietracks this summer. Of course there are many more songs that would fit the theme, but if you find any embarrassing omissions, they might be on another mix with the same theme that I just made! The live version of "Driving South" is incredible, and I captured it from Swedish radio several years. In fact it was the first time I properly listened to The Clientele, and there could not be a better introduction. "Big Blue Bus" is an earlier version of the Choo Choo Train tune "Big Blue Buzz", and is from the first release on the Bus Stop label. I'm sure you'll recognise the rest of it. Now, all proud car-owners can scroll down and download the mix from the link. Everyone else will simply have to be satisfied with gazing at the tracklist.

CLOUD 101 V/A - Built Like a Car

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richard said...

Kenickie - In Your Car
St Etienne - Like A Motorway
Arthur & Martha - Autovia
The Bats - Daddy's Highway
Jens Lekman - Black Cab (!!)
Belle and Sebastian - Dog On Wheels (hahaha...hahaha)