Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Can Hear the Grass Grow

While checking in on Captured Tracks to see whether the Spectrals 7" was out yet I discovered that they have not only got themselves a proper website (finally, with info about the releases!) there has also been a new burst of releases. No Spectrals stuff yet, but a new 12" with Grass Widow, whose debut album on Make a Mess made me very happy. The four new songs, out of which two have been on a Rank/Xerox split-cassette, are even better than most of the LP, so it'd be clever to snap this up before it sells out. Grass Widow now stands out as one of the best new American bands to appear this year, and in this interesting interview for Vice Magazine of all people, they reveal their main influences to be The Move and LiLiPuT amongst others. Not bad!

Also back with new material is Blank Dogs/Dum Dum Girls collaboration The Mayfair Set. The new six-track ep Young One is denser more worked-over than the brilliant first single "Already Warm". Me fave tracks are "Dark House" that builds up over 4 minutes and the short but intense "I've Been Watching You".

Also out now is an lp with Brilliant Colors, the best new American band of the year. It rounds up the two now sold out singles on CT and Make a Mess and adds "I Start With Your Name" for your pleasure.

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brogues said...

I like the Mayfair Set 12" better than the 7"! Unfortunately, I had to take mine back because it kept sticking and was warped. I'll try and get another copy. I had to take it back because it kept sticking during 'Dark House' which, I agree, is the best track :)