Friday, October 31, 2008

You Can't Love Your Hide Forever

The second Klubb K3 night went fine and I was surprised by the high quality of all the music my guests played! Here's my own playlist and as you can see it's northern soul only.

The Charades – Key to My Happiness
The Fascinations – Girls Are Out to Get You
Revilot Orchestra – Somebody Somewhere (Needs You)
The Flirtations – Stronger Than Her Love
Maxine Brown – One In a Million
Gigi & the Charmaines – Poor Unfortunate Me
The Formations – At the Top of the Stairs
Pat Hodges – Playgirl
Toni Basil – Breakaway
The Sharpets – Lost In a World of a Dream
The Oracles – I Ain't Got Time
Clydie King – He Always Comes Back to Me

The Millionaires – Never For Me
Elsie Strong – You Cut the Love Line
Julian Covay & the Machine – A Little Bit Hurt
The Charts – Desiree
Willie Hatcher – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Pat Lewis – Let's Get Together
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – I'm Gonna Change
Bobby Hebb – Love, Love, Love
Kelly Garrett – Love Is the Only Answer
Rose Batiste – Hit and Run
Little Tommy – Baby Can't You See
The Combinations – Whatcha Gonna Do
The Butlers – She Tried to Kiss Me

I'm busy stapling fanzines for tonight's Don't Die On My Doorstep. Here's what they look like.

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brogues said...

Well that setlist would've got The Brogues on the dancefloor...sheesh, my feet are movin' just reading that list!