Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where's My Cake?! Where's My Sugar?!

Freely adapted from Skull Control:
A while back I did a post about The Carrots, a modern girl group from Austin, Texas. I was excited about their new eps. They were super fun and great to dance to. Little did I know they had a secret and it was better than The Carrots! Well, not better, that's not fair. The Carrots are awesome. But OMG you have to meet Finally Punk! The girls from The Carrots are also 3/4 of Finally Punk. They play noisy punk music that sounds a bit like Mika Miko and The Frumpies. I was immediately sucked in to their songs. They don't perform in matching outfits and they're not 'too cute to puke'. Not even on the audience. You can't play this music and NOT puke.

Well, that was that. I've been listening lots to Finally Punk this week and it seems impossible to tire of their 16-track self-titled album. The songs are so short you won't remember the inkling of a structure they suggest, after the 17 minutes it takes for the cd to repeat. It's a constant discovery of notes and snippets of lyrics. I hear they have a European tour planned for the coming year, so write to Santa NOW if you want them to play in your country. Or go to a mosque or something and pray pray pray.

If your parents won't give you a treat this Halloween you can pre-order Finally Punk's new Hypertension 7" from here, and play a real mean trick on their ears. The girls also have about twentythree new releases in the pipeline, and if they too are written and recorded in one day it would seem Finally Punk are not really a band. Just a plot to make the 'f' shelf in your record collection collapse under its own weight. Start re-ordering your collection now, or 'g' will take a real beating.


Andrew said...

We are huge fans of Finally Punk! In fact we love them so much we included a track by them on I Smiled Yesterday podcast #4 posted in last August.

You can hear it here

Team ISY (Andrew - US)

Ps. Thanks for the kind words on our myspace page. We are excited for ISY #5 too.

brogues said...

I've heard tell that the M'lady Tyvek release is a stormer so I had a listen on myspace and it IS great! Looks like M'lady is a label to keep a watchful eye on :)