Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Honeymoon Hell

This post is named after a song by English artiste Always, but right now at Gallery Krets in Malmö there's an exhibition named after a Field Mice song! It's 22-year-old American artist Jessica Williams who's showing middle- to large-sized photographic prints. We went today and saw a small zine as well, called Sensitive, and joked about buying it for a Field Mice fan! Then I realised the exhibition was called Missing the Moon, and there it was on the info sheet: "a song by English pop band The Field Mice" and Williams quoted saying "I like it because it's long and kind of boring but also amazing and dreamy". I should tell Bobby about this.

One of the exhibited prints: Fragmented Self-portrait (2007).

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brogues said...

Hee hee ... I don't think Bobby would be too happy to have one his masterpieces referred to as "long and kind of boring"! I mean what a silly thing to say! Drum solos in '70s prog rock are long and kind of boring. Guitar solos on heavy metal records are long and kind of boring. Saxophone noodles on free jazz records are long and kind of boring. "Missing The Moon", however, is long(ish) and sparkling and moving and contains one of thee GREAT POP MOMENTS :)