Saturday, October 25, 2008

First You Fall In Love Then You Find a Girl

A new mix to warm you throughout the next month is now on Don't Die On My Doorstep's Myspace page! I just heard "Green Green Field" by The Impacts played at Flipside yesterday, so here's "Sunshine Day" from the same (renamed) American garage group. Read more about this amazing band here. The Outsiders are of course the Dutch garage masters. And there's new track from our darlings The Motifs, which is from Eardrums' A Good Crop 4cd autumn compilation that you can (and should) download for free! Then a northern soul number that you can find on Sanctuary's 2cd set The In Crowd. And finally a real diamond from lesbian actor and singer Polly Perkins - being openly gay in 60s Britain must've taken some courage! I tried but couldn't find out which label the original single was on, but you'll find it on volume seven of Dream Babes.

V/A - Abrasive Adoration

Crystal Stilts - Prismatic Room
[LP track, Slumberland 2008]

The Outsiders - Won't You Listen
[LP track, Pseudonym 1967]

The Impact Express - Sunshine Day
[a-side, Lavender 1966]

The Motifs - Notes
[compilation track, Eardrums 2008]

Robert Parker - Let's Go Baby (Where the Action Is)
[b-side, Nola 1965]

Polly Perkins - You Too Can Be a Beatle
[a-side, 1964]


Christos said...

Hi Kris! Hope all is well with you. I love the title of your new entry, "first you fall in love then find a girl", so true and so romantic!!! The new mix looks briliant. Hope I'll make it to your club night one day, xxx

The Boy and the Cloud said...

good to hear from you christos!
it's from a song by roy moller - the chorus goes 'first you fall in love, then you find a girl, then you find another girl'...

Dennis said...

Nice to see The Outsiders on there! It's been a while since I gave them the attention they deserve.