Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's the Time... Ok, I'm In Love

We were The Enemy and know that that is true
We were the Enemy and we existed for you
Because Iggy told us and Iggy would not lie to me
We started playing because everything else was fucked
We started playing for the cunts and the bucks
Cause Iggy told us and Iggy would not lie to me
Back in Dunedin late last year

The best band ever to call themselves The Enemy was Chris Knox's (Toy Love, Tall Dwarfs) first band. It's a good band name as you can introduce yourself with "we are the enemy" and it's also a heteronym for the NME. Not that this would be much use in New Zealand, mind you. The Enemy was the first punk band on the islands and is often quoted as the inspiration for and/or genesis of the Dunedin Sound. Just a few years later several new bands had turned up - like The Clean, Toy Love, Doublehappys and The Chills.

The lines above are from their manifesto number "Iggy Told Me", and although nothing was released there are several live recordings. This Myspace page links to a website that has 25 tracks for download, and you should definitely check them out. The title of this post is the introduction to "I'm In Love" and although it's hard to believe it was just a spontaneous thing to say it's sounds completely brilliant!

Another rather obscure band who's got a website with a sizeble mp3 archive is late 80s indiepop group The Moss Poles, who hailed from London (contrary to what TweeNet tells you). Their first single "One Summer" is a firm favourite, and you'll also find their other singles, the album Shorn, as well as an unreleased second album. It's all there.

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