Sunday, August 31, 2008

There Aren't Enough Songs About Minigolf

I arrived at Debaser for the Popfest around half five, as Springfactory were playing. I didn't hear much though as I was too busy saying hello to people. After a massive dinner with Darren Hanlon and The Deirdres, they went to burn some calories at the minigolf course just outside in Folkets Park. It was looking good for the Southern hemisphere, but the patient Northern Drummer won out in the end. After the game it was unfortunately too late to go on the ferris wheel, so the disheartened band had their picure taken in front of the pink rose fountain instead.

After Darren's set, I played some records outside. And as no one listened I can tell you I played anthing I like. But honestly, these were the songs:
The Submarines - Take Me Away
1000 Violins - Why Is It Always December?
Hope - Singing Vest
Reserve - Butcher's Daughter
Bomb Pops - Theme Guy
The Revolving Paint Dream - In the Afternoon
East Village - Meet the Wife
The Poets - Now We're Thru
Hey Paulette - I Will Line the Streets
Hurrah! - Big Sky
The Pastels - Breaking Lines
The Church Grims - Seen It All

The action moved indoors after nightfall and The Deirdres was the climax for some, while others slipped back out for a reassuring fag. To call them 'amateurish' is to miss the point with a big neon hula hoop. The people dancing madly up front would probably agree. The sound was as confused as the sound engineer must have felt trying to soundcheck them 30 minutes earlier, I'll admit that. I've heard them sound better in smaller venues. But we had fun and they had fun - that should be more than enough? The long parade of DJs ended with Karin and Mattias of Cosy Recordings. The last two hours of the night I was dancing with Copenhageners and shuffled extra frantically to these:
Heavenly - Shallow
The Arrogants - Lovesick
JDDE - Sean Connery
The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers
The School - I Want You Back
Girls At Our Best! - Too Big For Your Boots

The Cinderellas - Baby Baby (I Still Love You)
The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Heights