Thursday, August 21, 2008

Compliant Jukebox

The night in Glasgow went amazingly well, and somehow, we got in The List's top picks for going out dancing. We even made some money for the bands - which would never happen in Sweden. It was a good turnout and people were dancing throughout. Some of the bands represented by one or several attending members were Belle & Sebastian, 1990s, Wake the President, Bubblegum Lemonade/Strawberry Whiplash, The Hermit Crabs, Tibi Lubin, Camera Obscura etc. Gavin did a one-hour set after the bands and then me and Jane McKeown took over - the playlist is here, and there are some photos from the night as well! Jane's selections were excellent, and if it hadn't been for her I doubt many people would have been dancing. The films screened were The She-Creature (a cheesy 1956 horror flick by Edward L. Kahn) and Jack Hill's hilarious Switchblade Sisters from 1975 - both recommended.

The Catalysts and The Just Joans both did a good job, although it was clear that not many people liked both bands... Cheers to them for playing! Don't forget to go to Half My Heart Beats at the same venue the remaining months of the year. Our next night is in Sweden as usual on Friday the 29th.

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