Sunday, August 31, 2008

Am I Supposed to Smile and Say Yes Please?

We're awfully proud to present this amazing band at Don't Die On My Doorstep, coming all the way from New York! It's the last of their first four gigs in Sweden, and you might never get a chance like this again. We're opening an hour earlier to accomodate for this and an eventual support act, so be there at 9 pm. And no later, cause there's a good chance it will fill up quickly! Be sure to buy some merch, so it's worth the trip for them. Our guest dj for this special evening is Anna from Tandem Pop.

To celebrate the occasion, I have compiled a wee mix cd with mostly brand new music that has been DDOMD-approved. It's download only, and the link will be in the post on our mailing list, concerning this gig. It usually arrives a week before the club night in question, so send a blank email to heavensabove[at] now to sign up. This is what it looks like. (And of course POBPAH are featured...)

Afternoon Naps – Happy All the Time
Crystal Stilts – Crippled Croon
Bubblegum Lemonade – Just Like You
The Elektras – Go Wild
Sic Alps – Mater
The Tartans – Try As You May
Northern Portrait – In an Empty Hotel
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Kurt Cobain's Cardigan
A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Hugs & Kisses (Theme From A Sunny Day In Glasgow)
Je Suis Animal – Amundsen
Tibi Lubin – The Great Big Lie
Cub – I'm Your Angel
Cars Can Be Blue – Hope You're Hurting
Boyracer – They're Making Money Off of You
Let's Wrestle – Music Is My Girlfriend
The Wave Pictures – Hotels and Motels
The Whitsundays – Falling Over
All My Friends – Up and Down the River
Minisnap – Innocent
Vivian Girls – Going Insane
The Mai 68s – Whipped Cream

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